Valerie Gregorio: Dance

Just like our passions, dance comes in so many forms. Read Valerie Gregorio’s #PassionPreview all about how the art form has changed her life: “My passion is dance. It all started when I took Zumba and hip hop classes in middle and high school. When I got to college I took the art form more seriously. I became a dance minor as well as dance and choreograph in cultural dance club and dance club. I am also a member/captain of my college’s dance team, the Hawkettes.”


Why dance: “I’m passionate about dance because I can release all of my emotions out and showcase how I truly feel to people. It is a perfect escape from reality. I always feel better about myself after I dance.”

To someone not interested in dance: “You never know unless you try. Anyone can dance at any age and you do not have to be perfect. You just need to have fun with it.”

To someone interested in dance: “Never give up once you start. The road to become a better dancer is not easy but if you truly love the art form, then you will succeed. You can start dance at any age and go from there. You are never too old to start dancing.”

Passion Emoji: 💃