Tyler Wendling: Fika, the Culture of Coffee

Tyler Wendling, digitally known as @wendlingandboyd, is no stranger to a good cup of coffee. For his #PassionPreview, he teaches us about the culture around his favorite caffeinated drink: “Fika is my passion. I am by no means Swedish, but I do enjoy the act of Fika. Fika is the art of the coffee break. It’s sharing a cup of coffee and some pastries with a friend, family, or colleague. My grandma got me into it. Her, Grandpa, my brother, and I would always have coffee in the morning. I started drinking coffee when I was 3.”


Why Fika? “It brings people together. As an extrovert and lover of human interaction, Fika is the perfect way to catch up with friends.”

To someone that doesn’t like Fika: “I’d invite them to the Fika.”

To someone that wants to get involved in the act of Fika: “Go get coffee with someone. It’s the perfect way to introduce having Fika into your routine. Also get some pastries, treat yoself!”

Passion emoji: ☕️😍