Tyler Meacham: Music

Some people sing, some people write… why not do both? Today’s #PassionPreview comes from singer-songwriter Tyler Meacham: “I’m passionate about writing songs & playing shows. Aside from making up songs as a little kid, I really got into it through my musical father, experiences in theater, college a cappella, and learning to play various instruments.”


Why music? “My passion for music has been renewed over the last year and a half. It’s always been a part of my life, but I never considered it a viable career option until I found myself really struggling in my first full time job. I had given up music entirely and I was miserable without it. So I moved home and realized that the only thing that really made sense in my life was to write music and follow wherever that path would lead. Now it’s my job, and I can’t get enough of it. Most importantly, I want my songs to show people they’re not alone in their hardships & that we’re all worthy of love.” 

To someone not interested in music: “Music makes the world go round, baby. “

To someone interested in music: “Saying “you can’t” is a silly excuse. Start with one song, one instrument. Go see some local live music and meet the people that are already doing it. Open mic hangs can be life changing. YouTube tutorials are your friend.”

Passion Emoji: ✨