Tara Willey: Dance

Whether it is in a professional studio or at a party, Tara Willey wants you to dance! Read her #PassionPreview:  “Dancing is the passion that drives my life, and all of my other passions- it is the main way that I communicate, release, and express myself. My parents actually put me in lessons at age three, and I simply never stopped. I have loved it from the moment I started. From a very young age, actually, I remember being more comfortable expressing myself/communicating through movement/my body, rather than through words, or speaking.”


Why dance? “Dance is the physical manifestation of the human brain, of human relationships, human emotions- it tells our stories, without the use of speaking at all. It allows for us to have new interpretations and perspectives on humanity, and the joys/struggles we face internally and with each other every day. It's also so subjective- a dance could mean one thing to someone, and touch someone else in a completely different way. Most importantly, it moves people…”

“I would like to think of dancing like a language filling a space. The human body is so beautiful, and the way in which it can be used to develop it's own personalized language is powerful. Our bodies are speakers, singers, storytellers, tools. It forces us to hold a mirror to our face, recognize what we feel, and say, ‘I know what this emotion feels like, but what does this emotion LOOK like?’”

“Dance is connection and empathy. It's the greatest gift that has ever been given to me, I love it like I love a human being. It is my greatest joy, escape, and by far, favorite language. I think one of my favorite things is to get into a studio, turn the lights off, and just allow for the music to run through me, like electric currents, and see where it may take me, see what it might make me feel, what it might teach me.”

To someone not interested in dance: “I would understand with an open heart, for everyone has something that makes them feel the way that dancing makes me feel. However, I would ask them if they have ever heard a song that they can't stand still to, and ask them how it felt, and why they felt that way. I'd ask them how the music made them feel, and how the movement made them feel. Even in small, somewhat trivial moments, the human body is deeply affected by certain things, and in turn, it moves (and it moves with purpose). I would hope that in answering this, the other person would see how dance can be a release, or way of communicating, and remember how the movement made them feel, the subconscious joy it brought to them.”

To someone interested in dance: “Try your hardest not to judge yourself while learning. Self-judgement is the death of all progression and further creativity. Dancing has no end point or goal- there is always something to improve in or work on, fall in love the process of growing and learning rather than having a desired end goal. Get in class, work hard, and tell YOUR story. YOU are your only competition, and while technique is important, the storytelling/communication is far more important in my book. We don't only dance with our bodies, but we dance with our minds, our eyes. Watch others and learn from them, take inspiration from others, your mistakes, and your victories. However, do not settle on them- there is something new to say/chase after every single day!”

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