Suzanne Muldowney: Art

Another day, another artist! Today’s #PassionPreview is from the creative mind of Suzanne Muldowney: “My passion is art. I’ve always tried to think outside of the box, and I feel like art is an amazing outlet for that. There is no right or wrong in art. I was never academically inclined in traditional school subjects such as math or science; I always leaned towards creativity. In order to study I would paint on my flash cards so I wouldn’t stop making them or getting bored. I feel like I’ve always been a self titled artist.”


Why art? “I’m passionate about it because art itself is passion. It’s how you can show emotions, express yourself and your goals. Each piece being unique is an amazing thing and I find that trying to copy others and recreate their technique is like copyrighting emotions- they aren’t yours to recreate. Emotions to me are super important, and being in touch with them is an important part of me; so when I express my love or my pain, my grief, my joy, my sorrow, etc, that’s me being in tune with myself.”

To someone interested in art: “I feel like the biggest misconception about art & artists is that it’s not for everyone, or that there is only one definition of art. Art is a synonym for emotion and emotions are complicated and messy and filled with mistakes. Art doesn’t qualify as ‘art’ because it’s hanging in a museum- it’s art because the creator/artist sees it as art in their eyes. Art and beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.”

To someone interested in getting started in art: “Just to start. Starting is the hardest part- a blank canvas or block of clay can be really intimidating, but if you don’t start you will never know the potential you have.”

Passion Emoji: 🌞