Sumit Munjal: Showcasing Passions on Instagram

For Sumit Munjal’s #PassionPreview, picking one passion just isn’t enough, so he uses Instagram to showcase them all: “My passions include photography, DIY, art, interior design and much more. I try to do that effectively through one medium which amalgamates live stories, videos, short clips, and photographs - Instagram. As an individual who is called ‘creative,’ I decided to use Instagram as an outlet of anything I create, and showcase to attract, collaborate and form a network of people who have similar interests.“


Why showcase passion on IG? “I could never classify my passion into one boxed category. Therefore, I decided to use instagram boxes to showcase all of them as they organically occur. Because all of the categories keep me motivated and help me to avoid boredom, I’m not always doing one thing in a linear pattern.”

To someone that doesn’t like your expression through Instagram: “No one would be able to create if they focus too much on criticism. Take criticism, filter the parts that make sense to you and if it's too negative, IGNORE. Or ask them their passion…if they aren't passionate about anything, that's your answer.”

To someone that wants to use Instagram like you: “Do your deed and let your work evolve organically.”

Passion Emoji: 😊