Stephanie Hays: News Design

With a combined love for journalism + design, @sterphanerhers of @sacbiz brings us a #PassionPreview about news design: “I got started in journalism in high school and then hit my stride in college, becoming design chief of our student newspaper. Being around other passionate journalists made me love the news – and design is how I can contribute to it.”


Why news design? “Journalism tells the stories of people we live near and people from across the world. People in positions of power and people the world has ignored. These stories are important. Design and visuals are critical in telling them.”

To someone who doesn’t like news design: “Not everyone needs to love reading complicated news articles and finding the best way to lay it out and come up with compelling art or find the way to make photos shine. I’m happy to do that for them so they can just sit back and look at (and read!) the finished product.”

To someone interested in news design: “Read the news. Look at the news. See how they work together. And then get involved! Join a news org at school and surround yourself with other passionate people. Design your heart out.”

Passion Emoji: 🤗🗞