Spencer Wong: Budget Men's Fashion

Today’s #PassionPreview comes from  Spencer Wong, “your fave frugal fashionisto” who knows how to look great without breaking the bank: “My passion is budget men's fashion. Ever since I was a kid, my mom instilled a steadfast love for bargains. On my Instagram feed, 95% of my clothes are $15 or less. The remaining items are coats, which are definitely not things to cheap out on. I wanted to show people how to style on a budget!”


Why budget men’s fashion? “Your style is how you present yourself to the world. I honestly don't think you need to spend a lot of money to look great. My day job is a grad student, so I work with a very tight budget, so finding good men's fashion deals is not only a passion; it is literally a way of life.”

To those not interested in budget men’s fashion: “If you had the opportunity to teach someone a skill that will boost their confidence, wouldn't you do it? Add on to that if that person felt unable to style themselves because of financial preoccupation, but you now free them of that stress.”

To those interested in budget men’s fashion: “Literally shop all the time! The best way to know if something is a good deal is to know the normal pricing and identify if the price dropped.”

Passion Emoji: 💰 [📸: Owen Steven]