Sophia Ortiz: Dance

Dance like nobody’s watching... Sophia Ortiz can give you some pointers! Read her #PassionPreview: “Dance has been my passion since I was 4 years old. I started at a ballet program, like the ones for baby's that almost every little girl does at that age, but then I just kept going. I joined a competition team when I was 8 and continued that all through high school. Being on a competition team has brought so many of my best friends into my life and really allowed me to let out my creativity.”


Why dance? “Dancing, especially competitively, really helped my mental health throughout high school. I've always been a stressed person, especially because I am so organized and a super crazy planner, but I never worried about that stuff when I was dancing. It was also a form of exercise that really fit with my body. Dancing lets you be long and flowy or fast and sharp, which really challenges you not only physically, but emotionally as well.”

To someone not interested in dance: “I would say they are just scared to put themselves out there, especially on stage. It can be daunting to totally let yourself be vulnerable to judges who are complete strangers, but it wasn't like that for me. Being on stage was my opportunity to be me. I got to show a huge audience what was going on inside my brain, which were often thoughts I didn't know how to express. The stage really became my place to show off my talent, but also forget about everything that was clouding my thoughts and be free.”

To someone interested in dance: “Just go for it! Put yourself out there and don't be scared if you stink. It's all about how you feel.”

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