Sofia Pipolo: Film

Lights, camera, PASSION! Today’s #PassionPreview is all about Sofia Pipolo’s love for fully understanding everything on the big screen: “My love for film has fueled my passion for media and film literacy. Or maybe it is the other way around? Film literacy is the ability to understand, evolute, and critically think about film texts in order to analyze and define meanings. I started getting involved in online fandoms when I was in high school, and since have worked to grow my knowledge of media creation and analysis. I am currently pursuing a career in the film industry to produce quality content that brings positivity and aligns with my values.”


Why film? “Storytelling through film is such a powerful way to communicate ideas and experiences. Being able to dissect a show or movie’s themes and bring out the authors voice is so gratifying for me, because it always provokes more thoughts and questions. Finding new ways to relate to characters, uncovering symbols throughout shows, or finding parallels between works.”

To someone not interested in film: “I always like to remind people that there is no such thing as ‘mindless entertainment.’ Being a passive consumer can be dangerous. Whether we believe so or not, media has an effect on us. It’s so important to realize and understand that. Everything was made with a purpose, with a target audience, and within a social and cultural context. You probably wouldn’t eat something without knowing what’s in it, so why should you do that with the media you give your time, money, and mind to.”

To someone interested in getting started in film: “Think of your favorite show or movie and ask yourself why you like it. Keep asking questions and creating answer through the texts. Video essays will become your daily pass time. Actively engage with content. There is always more interesting and critical elements to learn about a show you’ve binged multiple times.”

Passion Emoji: 🙃