Seth Trevett: Art

Today’s #PassionPreview comes from registered nurse and artist Seth Trevett, who went from doodling in the margins to tattooing his friends: “Making art is my passion. In school every class was art class... as long as there was enough room in the margins of the paper. Drawing has been the single thing that could always hold my attention.”


Why art? “It’s a platform for self expression that enables me to relate to others. As someone who struggles with focus, the process of seeing a piece through to the end is an empowering experience. What’s even more validating is to know other people value my time and efforts enough to invest their hard earned money on it. It excites me to be an active part of the thriving art community here in Richmond.”

To someone not interested in art: “No sweat. What makes me happy isn’t going to work the same for everyone.”

To someone interested in getting started in art: “Start today! Link up. We can pow wow.”

Passion Emoji: ✨✨✨