Sean Monaghan: People

Sometimes you can personify your passion! Today’s #PassionPreview comes from @seanPVMand his love for... “people!”


Why people? “As a DC native, I have grown up in one of the most blended areas in the US. I feel so lucky to be able to live in a city with so many different cultures, ideas & things to do simply because of its inhabitants. Many of these people come from mixed backgrounds like myself. Being half Hispanic while suniltaneusly looking fully Irish, has played a big role in my desire to learn more about other people and their backgrounds just like myself. I think it is more important than ever to get to know each other, share meaningful experiences & learn about the people around you to further bridge the gap.”

To someone not interested in people: “That’s okay. One of the biggest things I’ve learned thus far in my career is that most people are not as extroverted as I am and melt at the idea of lengthy conversation. Maybe they’re in a bad mood, maybe they’re shy or maybe they’re just hungry. Either way there is no point in letting someone else’s energy get you down. Thank u, next.”

To someone interested in people: “Networking, even if I hate it too sometimes. I’m thankful to work in a field where I engage face-face with clients for most of my day. DC is a great place to start, particularly in events. I get to meet so many talented people from a wide array of professional and personal backgrounds which makes me happy at the end of the day.”

Passion Emoji: 🥂