Sarah Stone: Bullet Journaling

Sarah Stone keeps her life organized in a completely customizable way. Read her #PassionPreview all about bullet journaling: “A little over a year ago, I started my semester-long study abroad journey in Sevilla, Spain. Knowing that I wanted to document my experience, I decided to start keeping a journal of all my adventures from the good to the bad and the ugly. This journal turned into one of my greatest memories from study abroad and I was so happy at how it turned out and helped me that I decided to continue my journaling habit into this year.”


Why bullet journaling? “Journaling of any type allows you a cathartic release of whatever emotions you have going on, but bullet journaling specifically grants me an artistic and creative outlet for those emotions. Plus, I use my bullet journal as an agenda, so I get to carry around my ‘happy place,’ if you will, all day, every day.”

To someone that doesn’t like bullet journaling: “Bullet journaling is definitely not for everyone. But truly the best thing about it is that there are no rules. Some people get as artistic as Michelangelo in their pages while others take a very simplistic, minimalist route. Both options are great and can accomplish the same thing, so it's not as much about the method as it is the act of doing it.”

To someone that wants to get started: “Pinterest is the biggest treasure box out there for first-timer bullet journalists. I get a lot of my ideas from online and then spin them into my own creations. Also, don't be afraid to show off your hard work! There's a big bullet-journaling community out there and everyone loves seeing the work others have done.”

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