Samantha Allen: Dungeons & Dragons

Sometimes your passion makes you so happy that you feel like you’re in a whole new world. For Samantha Allen, that is just the case: “I recently joined a weekly Dungeons & Dragons group. The Netflix show Stranger Things has brought DnD into the forefront of pop culture but it’s been around for a while. I went to a gaming store to buy a book and found a group on Reddit.”


Why DnD? ”Dungeons & Dragons is the perfect mix. You get the social interaction of a game night with friends, the thrilling plot line of a good book and the excitement of improv. You get to escape into a character for awhile with absolutely no judgement.‬”

‪To those that don’t like DnD: “I think DnD gets a bad rap for a bunch of smelly, sexist boys in their basement slaying dragons. My group is a bunch of fully-employed, showered adults who are accepting of the LGBT community. Take a minute to learn about it before you judge.‬”

For those that want to get involved in DnD: “‪There are so many ways to get involved with DnD. Your local game store probably has weekly games. I recommend r/dnd and r/lfg on Reddit. And lastly, go grab a few friends and the Starter Set and get a game going of your own!‬”

Passion Emoji: 🤓