Renee Janis: Blogging

Need some inspiration for your creative content? Check out today’s #PassionPreview from Renee Janis, digitally known as @gimmeglamour: “I've been writing blog posts for my personal blog, Gimme Glamour, since 2014 and love creating content and connecting with others online! Starting a blog is actually the only New Year's resolution I have ever stuck with. I was so hesitant to start a blog, despite having wanted to do so for months, so January 1, 2014 I sat down and wrote my first post and have been posting regularly for the past (almost) 5 years!”


Why blogging? “Blogging is such a unique form of content creation because it focuses on telling a story and developing relationships with your readers. It's also very personal because content is based on your real life experiences so readers really feel like they know the authors of the blogs they read. I've met more than a few friends through blogging and felt like I've known them for years!”

To someone not interested in blogging: “While you might not relate to my blog, there's a blog out there for you (or maybe a white space for you to create one)! My blog is a reflection of my passions and experiences and I guarantee there is a blogger out there creating content on at least one topic you might be passionate about.”

To someone interested in starting a blog: “Start today. It's so easy to create your own website and to get on different social media platforms and start creating content. You don't have to spend any money or start with a perfectly designed website, just start creating content and your site will naturally evolve as you grow and refine your blogging skills!”

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