PJ Collins: Online Video

Do you enjoy watching Youtubers and videos from the internet? Then get to know PJ Collins, otherwise known as content creator @onemanonemic. Read his #PassionPreview: “My passion is creating online video. I realized my passion in 4th grade when a friend of mine taught me how to make stop motion animations with Lego figures. Gaining the ability to create videos on my own, paired with YouTube launching around the same time, inspired me to evolve beyond stop-motion and dive straight into the world of digital/DIY entertainment.”


Why online video? “Online video allows me to combine so many interests such as comedy, music, writing lyrics/wordplay, editing and videography. With all these aspects brings endless opportunities for creativity; so what starts as a simple idea typically blossoms into a full-blown project that puts you on a quest to produce the best possible product from the original seed of the idea - like a multimedia puzzle that has no correct final form. It's an addicting process!”

To some not interested in online video: “H8ters r my motiv8ters - only kidding. I know there are negative connotations attached to the term "YouTuber" but the vast majority of creators are just expressing their ideas and having fun. YouTube is the world's talent show, the platform to share passions/talents that don't always have a "societal showcase" already in place, such as open mics, sports games, science fairs, etc.”

To someone interested in getting started in online video: “It's a great use of your free time and if you get discouraged: explore! With so many avenues for online video it takes time to find your true calling. I've personally uploaded stop-motion, skits, video game commentaries, vlogs and song parodies, until finding what I'm currently most fulfilled by which is original song concepts (similar to Lonely Island or Lil Dicky).”

Passion Emoji: 🧠