Natalia Conte: Writing

For some, it’s difficult to put their passions into words. For others, it is the words themselves. Today’s #PassionPreview is from poet and essayist Natalia Conte: “My passion is writing (specifically nonfiction and poetry)! When I first learned how to write, I would write and illustrate my own little books and put on presentations for my parents. As I grew, I realized my fascination stems from language and the way you can use language to elicit an emotional response in others.”


Why writing? “Poetry is subversive, dangerous, and questions power like very few other mediums do. At the center of every movement, there is art that inspires the movement and revitalizes that passion for progress. It also promotes a sense of self-awareness which is pivotal.”

To someone not interested in writing: “I understand if you've never had the chance to write anything creative, but I would argue though that writing is central to our understanding of who we are as humans. If you've never felt connected to a piece of writing before, I would argue you aren't looking far enough.”

To someone interested in writing: “Start developing your creative voice! Work on ways of telling a story that feel unique to you and the way your brain processes information. Seek out peers that also love writing and creative a writing group. Feedback is imperative to finding clearer ways to express your thoughts.”

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