Nasim Lahbichi: Food

Anybody hungry? Nasim Lahbichi’s #PassionPreview is about all things delicious: “My passion would have to be food in all aspects of the word. My family comes from two sides of the world (Caribbean and Morocco) that both share great importance of cooking for others and nurturing one's mind, body, and soul. My father and mother both cooked everyday, and always encouraged my siblings and I to assist. From what I can remember, I learned to cook my first meal (scrambled eggs) at the age of 4.”


Why cooking? “I’ve always loved seeing how produce can come together in such faceted and interesting ways depending on the manner in which you used them. Food is a way that culture can be passed down, love can be shared, and plays such an important role in how one takes care of their body while bringing flavor and excitement to their daily routine.”

To someone not interested in cooking: “I’d say, ‘How can you not love food?!’ Hahaha, but if we're talking about cooking, I think most people are nervous of stepping outside of their comfort zones when it comes to making a dish that is beautifully plated, tasty, and nutritious. I always tell others to PLAY WITH FLAVOR; go and buy that spice you've never heard of. Start with a recipe, follow the steps, and if it doesn't come out great; try, try, try again until you get it down pat. Then move on to the next one. “

To someone interested in getting started with cooking: “Take your time. I'l admit that sometimes I rush when it comes to making my meals, but cooking can be such an pleasant and stress-relieving activity. I always spend around 1-2 hours a day cooking a meal. Plus, you get to eat an AMAZING meal afterwards. Also, find a meal you LOVE. I have so many varying recipes for oatmeal and basically use a different one at least ONCE a day.”

Passion Emoji: 🤩