Molly Null: Self-Expression

A believer in the process, Molly Null’s #PassionPreview is about open, honest self-expression via creation: “Kinda specific, but I've found that it is one of the most important things in my life, and has been a constant personal passion for years. I've been a dancer my whole life. Once I was introduced into open, organic movement of the body, I fell in love. I also have always liked writing things down, letters to myself, journal entries, etc. This got me into writing poetry, and other types of honest writing to express how I'm feeling or what I'm experiencing.”


Why self-expression? “It really puts me in a place where I feel one with myself and the world around me. Taking an hour to let my body move organically, or in the way it feels it needs to, is so incredibly relaxing and almost sobering in a way. I feel like I'm emptying out my heart (in the best kind of productive way) when writing openly and mindfully about the sensations I feel in my words, or the tension I hold in my eyelashes, (or something like that). I find a sense of self, I find a sense of release, I find a sense of blissful openness with the universe. I feel very accomplished when I can articulate what I'm feeling/experiencing in words, but I feel just as accomplished and fulfilled when I express that same feeling/experience through movement.”

To someone not interested in this: “I would tell them to drop their expectations. I think a lot of people see poetry and movement on social media, and subconsciously develop standards for what kind of self-expression is ‘good enough.’ I definitely fall into this discouragement from time to time. Honesty is subjective, just write what feels good to write, move in the ways that feel good. Your self expression is not meant to please others, sometimes it can, but it's intention is for YOU.”

To someone interested in getting started: “Just do it!! Listen to your heart and your feelings, and do what fulfills you. Do what you love, not what you think you're supposed to do. Make yourself feel okay, make happy.”

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