Misbah Chhotani: Interfaith

With all of the different faiths and belief systems in our world, we definitely need to figure out how to stay connect. Misbah Chhotani knows how to do just that! Read her #PassionPreview: “My passion is Interfaith. I got into probably in junior year of high school when I joined Young Life and was a non-Christian at the time. And then going into college being involved in and attending interfaith conferences everywhere.”⠀


Why interfaith? “As a non-Christian coming into the Young Life community I felt very welcomed and very loved, and I had never felt that before. I gained best friends out of it. Even the conferences I attend I meet really awesome people from all different types of backgrounds. I want people to feel loved and cared for as I do on a daily basis.”⠀

To someone not interested in interfaith: “I know it can be uncomfortable at times hanging out with people that are different than you. But once you realize that everyone in the world has a common goal in this world and that is to spread love and happiness. You’ll be making friends in no time. And you’ll be making interfaith happen.”⠀

To someone interested in interfaith: “Go to your local mosque, church, synagogue and really interact with the people and the culture. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Go find someone sitting alone in your space. The stories you’ll hear from them will be inspiring, I guarantee it.”

Passion Emoji: ❤️