Megan Hunt: Local Beer

Grabbing a beer this weekend? Megan Hunt can give you some tips on what to order: “I am passionate about locally brewed beer. As a 2 year old, my dad had me helping him home brew. Since then, many of our vacations involved visits to iconic breweries. Of course, pre-21 I hated it because I couldn't taste the beers. Now, it is something special my dad and I get to do together!”


Why local beer? “Beer is a wonderful way to bring friends and family together. Life can be so busy, but having a beer in front of you really allows you to participate in the moment with those around you. I am particularly passionate about beer from local breweries. The brewery fad is helping to clean up polluted land (thx @newbelgium_avl), renovating abandoned buildings (@tradesmanbrew), driving local economy (@unioncraftbrewing), and ultimately bringing communities together (@revelrybrewing).”

To someone not interested in local beer: “As someone who did not always like this passion, I would say appreciating beer takes time. Many of the flavors may taste too soapy or sour for novice beer snobs, but after tasting different styles, there is sure to be one that you like. There are also non-alcoholic beers, if that better suits your fancy! And for those who are sure they don't like beer, that's totally ok. There are lots of good things to drink in this world and we can share the love!”

To someone interested in local beer: “The best way to learn your beer palate is to go to a brewery with someone who knows beer. Following in my dad's footsteps, it is so fun to take someone who is unsure about beer to my favorite brewery and help them find beers that they like! So HMU if you're around the DC/Baltimore area and want to hang, lol.”

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