Macy Buck: Intercultural Communication

Some people have a particular love for connecting with people with different languages and cultures. Read Macy Buck’s #PassionPreview and learn more: “My passion is intercultural communication which is the ability to communicate with people of other cultures. I love to travel and during my time abroad, I learned about many different cultures and became friends with people around the world.”


Why intercultural communication: “I think that learning different languages, traditions, and other aspects of cultures is fascinating. For me, educating myself on foreign cultures gives me a greater appreciation for my own culture. Communication is an essential part of life and the ability to communicate with people in different countries promotes global citizenship, an important topic in 2018.”

To someone not interested in intercultural communication: “Different cultures have so much to offer to others as well as to your own culture. Learning about different languages and customs can be scary at first, but intercultural communication is such an important skill in today’s world that everyone should want to be involved.”

To someone interested in intercultural communication: “You don’t have to travel to learn about other cultures. Cultures are made up of so many elements that can be discovered in a variety of ways. You can share your own unique culture with people if you are hesitant to learn about other cultures at first.”

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