Lucy Coatman: Theatre

Happy birthday to the one and only Lucy Coatman! Celebrate her birthday by reading her #PassionPreview all about performing in theatre: “When I was little, I watched the animated Anastasia movie, and I was hooked. I would take my tape recorder to the bottom of my garden and sing the songs to people walking pad. Watching The Phantom of the Opera aged 11 made me realise this was something I could actually do for a living... and that there was nothing else I wanted to do.”


Why theatre? “People fascinate me. I’m also hugely interested in history, but it was never ‘things’ that interested me, but rather personalities; why people did certain things, their motivations, fears, joys, and so on. This extends into my entire life. With theatre, I feel as though I’m better equipped to understand and be more empathetic to the people around me. Plus, nothing makes me more alive than standing on a stage.”

To someone not interested in theatre: “I don’t blame them. When you think about it, standing on a stage and often making a big fool out of yourself or digging into raw emotions for other people’s entertainment is a bit of an odd thing to do. Especially for a shy introvert like me... but I guess the universe works in strange ways!”

To someone interested in theatre: “From a performance point of view - listen to people, be truthful in all that you do, go to the theatre as often as possible, read a huge variety of books, train hard, find great teachers, and never stop hoping and dreaming.”

Passion Emoji: 😍😍😍