Leah Kay: Religious Studies

Sometimes your passion involves your beliefs. For #PassionPreview, Leah Kay showcases her interest in religion and religious studies: “I am super passionate about religion of all kinds! I probably got into it more in college after I stopped being involved in my Jewish youth group in high school. Taking Religion and Media affirmed that as well. I also look at other communities or cultures that might not be considered a "traditional" religion and how they are resembling aspects of religion.”


Why religious studies? “I’m passionate about religion because it's such a cool way for people to express themselves and create an identity of many kinds. It brings people together and often sheds light on the darkness that's in the world! (even though it sometimes brings people apart, there are so many more positives to focus on)”

To someone not interested in religious studies: “I would say that it's definitely worth it to look into, especially the less commonly known or discussed religions because they have super interesting histories and cultures!”

To someone interested in religious studies: “Documentaries! So many interesting films out there about every kind of religion.”

Passion Emoji: 🤓