Lea McNamara: Music + Social Media

Got a bunch of passions? Why not just combine them! Lea McNamara has done just that in her #PassionPreview: “I have many passions but my favorite way to express them is by combining them! Music & social media & content creation. I’ve done music my whole life, taught lessons, wrote so many songs and now own my own business called @IndependentPopularwhere I rebrand musicians+ digitally and creatively.”


Why music & social media? “After going viral in 2015 with my a cappella group, @TwistedMeasure’s “Chandelier” which I had been running the social media since then and in my time at @elonuniversity, I realized you can impact so many people with music and it had been amazing to create and engage with all those people who were inspired by us and our music”

To someone not interested in music + social media: “Social media, no matter how many negatives people find in it, is the new way of consuming and communicating. It’s changed the world and the way we live and there’s no ignoring it. And of course music is music, you’re crazy if you don’t like somethin :)”

To someone interested in music + social media: “Let your creativity flow with no limitations. That will bring you happiness and success”

Passion Emoji: 😋🤩🤓 (can’t pick one!!!)