Kylie Donahue: Beaches

Happy Friday! Today’s #PassionPreview comes from Kylie Donahue about her happy place: “The ocean. I grew up by the beach and used to go with my best friend a lot when we were kids, which turned into weekly if not daily trips during the summertime.”


Why the beach? “The beach/ocean is my happy place. When I'm there, I feel a lot more at ease and feel like I can escape a bit of the chaos of daily life. It's also a great place to spend quality time with people you care about.”

To someone that doesn’t like the beach: “I get that the sand and the sticky salty air isn't for everyone, but hopefully everyone has that one "happy place" that brings them back to Earth when life gets crazy.”

To someone that wants to started going to the beach: “Get out there and go! Even if you don't live near the ocean, water is everywhere--even if it's a lake, pond, or river, you may find the same kind of peace and enjoyment that you would by the sea.”

Passion Emoji: 😌