Kit McHutchison: Music Festivals

Headed to Coachella or Firefly in 2019? Kit McHutchison can probably give you some tips on having the best time at music festivals! Read her #PassionPreview: “I am passionate about music festivals! I’ve always been a music lover because it was very central in my house hold as a child. But as I’ve grown up I’ve loved being able to experience new music in different settings with different friends.”


Why music festivals? “I am passionate about music festivals because I think music can move people in ways that nothing else in this world can. They completely changed the way I listened to and enjoyed the music I listen to everyday in my headphones.”

To someone not interested music festivals: “Music festivals aren’t for everyone. I even get overwhelmed sometimes. It’s about finding a good fit: the right genre, the right squad and the right location.”

To someone interested in music festivals: “Jump right in! Music, concerts, and festivals are all about sharing art and building an amazing community.”

Passion Emoji: ✨