Kimberly Honiball: Reading

Happy Friday, everyone! For today’s #PassionPreview, Kim Honiball (also known as blogger @aspoonfulofhoni) is an open book about…BOOKS: “Since I was a little girl, reading has been my passion. It's what I do to fill my time, how I learn about different areas of life, and what I use to connect with other people. There's no better feeling than finding a new favorite book or author among the stacks.”


Why reading?: “I think reading is one of the best ways to broaden your understanding of the world. For some people, it's not possible to travel or spend money on their education, but it's pretty easy to get a library card and check out books to read about other areas of the world or learn a new skill.”
To those that aren’t into reading: “I would say they haven't found the right book! Try different genres, authors, and topics, and I'm sure you'll find something you like. Also, think about making reading a social thing — create a book club or find a reading buddy you can talk to about the books you’re reading.”

To those that want to get into reading: “DO IT! There's nothing like finding a book you absolutely love and recommending it to friends and family. Read anything you can get your hands on, and take time to reflect on what you're reading so you can find more books to add to your library.”

Passion Emoji: 😍💁🏻