Keyon Woods: Theatrical Art

Art comes in many forms and some people just love every type! Keyon Woods has an appreciation for it all, but particularly fell in love with theatre and costume design. Check out his professional account @keyon.mdesigns and read his #PassionPreview: “My passion is every art form. Especially the theatre. I am a visual artist, playwright, Costume designer and director. I used to perform in front of the fire place for my family when I was a kid. With that and the fact I could draw and paint it was hard for my family to place me as any one thing. Sometimes I would be introduced as Keyon the artist sometimes Keyon the actor. “


“The truth is I let my curiosity lead me without any boundaries or labels. If I felt like delving into music I took piano lessons, if I felt like painting I bought paints. It wasn’t until I saw the Lion king on Broadway that I knew what I wanted to be. Julie Taymore has designed the costumes, sculpted the masks AND directed it. I knew that that’s what I wanted. To become a theatrical artist.”

Why theatrical art? “Storytelling is the root of why I enjoy theatre. Watching a story unfold live in a space is a beautiful, invigorating, stimulating, and dangerous thing. Anything can happen. When the ups and downs of humanity is played to an audience everyone grows a little emotionally and mentally having seen it.”

To someone not interested in theatrical art: “There is a piece for everyone. A piece that will change you. Keep open so it can find you.”

To someone interested in theatrical art: “Go see theatre and meet people after. Become a theatre person by seeing theatre, reading plays, listening to cast albums. Find what type of theatre you like. Ask people what plays they really enjoy and why but don’t let that define you and your tastes.”

Passion Emoji: 😯