Kevin Widjaja: Social Justice + LGBTQ+ Issues

Sometimes your passion involves identity. Kevin Widjaja from NYC tells us about his #PassionPreview that intersects his identities and the world around him: “Social justice & lgbtq+ issues. As a person with marginalized identities, I face institutions on the daily that work to systematically exploit queer and non-white bodies like mine and the people I care about.”


Why social justice & lgbtq+ issues? “Because I’m brown, gay and find solidarity and fulfillment alongside my community working for the greater good.”

To someone not interested in social justice + LGBTQ+ issues: “I would say to examine your privileges because there is a lot of discrimination and violence happening in this country today! There is still so so much work to do and many people’s existences are on the line. I recently experienced a hate crime in New York City, a place where it arguably doesn’t get much safer for an LGBTQ+ person. if that isn’t enough of a reflection of the dangerous political climate we’re living in today I really don’t know what to say.”

To someone interested in social justice + LGBTQ+ issues: “Listen to others, hold space with your privilege, educate yourself, support your poc & queer friends politically, emotionally, AND financially (buy our stuff, support our craft & causes)!”

Passion emoji: 😤