Kelsey Weekman: Words

As a content strategist (at companies like Billboard) and a bookstagrammer at @nycbookblog, Kelsey Weekman is surrounded by a world of words… and she loves it that way. Read her #PassionPreview: “My passion is words. Reading them, writing them, saying them. I've been using them as long as I've been able to communicate, OBVIOUSLY, but my joy for them didn't start until late high school, when I realized I could take a highlight to books and mark the quotes I loved, and create those pretty words myself. Words bring joy and pain and memories and utterly shape the very fiber of our being.”

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Why words? “The fact that you can form so much meaning and feeling around mouth sounds and scribbles has always been infectious to me. Communication is the very fiber of our society, and mastering it, spreading it and appreciating it is just IT, baby. It's the best. I messed around with words so much that I'm now a professional writer AND reader, and I'll never EVER stop loving words.”

To someone not interested in words: “You're reading this so honestly ... it looks like I win!”

To someone interested in words: “Start writing and writing and writing and writing and reading and reading and reading and when you can't do one just do the other until you get sick of it and pivot! Don't be afraid to feel the depth of your emotions -- comedy and tragedy and everything in between make such beautiful art.”

Passion Emoji: 🌞