Kelsey McCabe: Comedy

Do you enjoy telling a joke? Then maybe you could be a comedian! Read Kelsey McCabe’s #PassionPreview all about the craft: “Comedy! I've done theater my entire life and kept getting cast as the quirky roles. I eventually got the hint and concentrated on sketch/improv while at Elon and now I take improv classes at UCB.”


Why comedy? I just love making people laugh! I love breaking a joke down and learning what makes certain things funny. It's super hard because you study so much for something you have to make look effortless. The challenge makes it more exciting. 

To someone not interested in comedy: “…do you not like to laugh? Kidding. I think people are nervous about not getting a laugh, which will DEFINITELY happen. I would say don't have a negative opinion about it until you try it.”

To someone interested in comedy: “Take classes, go to open mics, watch as many shows as you can. MAKE YOUR OWN MATERIAL. In 2018 it is SO easy to get in front of a camera and do something. It's also easy to outreach and put together a show. Exposure is key. Also, don't go for the laughs. Be genuine and in the moment and the laughs will come.”

Passion Emoji: 🤗