Kelsea J: Human Connection

Let’s talk about one of those things that brings us all together: human connection. @Kelsey J’s #PassionPreview dives into just that: “Connecting People: Because of my Grandma I've always been eager to travel and explore -- not just to see new places, but to meet new people and find commonalities in our different experiences.”


Why human connection: “Our humanity connects us more than our differences divide us. I think it's important for people to remember that. That's kind of why I started my brand Broke But Thriving. While living in Spain, I realized that all the Millennial women I met could relate to having a passion for life and travel despite not always having ample financial resources. This one shared reality connected us Broke Thrivers despite our various cultural backgrounds. :)”

To someone not interested in human connection:Let's chat. I'm sure after 10 minutes of conversation, you'll realize how amazing it is to share your experiences with others, and to learn from what others have to offer.”

To someone interested in human connection: “Talk to a stranger at the bar or a coffee shop! Go on a solo trip! In the meantime, check out my website and blog: and @brokebutthriving.”

Passion Emoji: 🤗