Kaitlyn Borysiewicz: Career Development

Looking for a new job? Kaitlyn Borysiewicz can help you find one you love with her writing skills + love for career development. Read her #PassionPreview: “Weird as this sounds: writing resumes for people. It’s my passion because I want to help people see the best in themselves.”


Why career development? “I have depression. I have a hard time being my own hype-woman, but especially when applying to jobs or interviewing. But through writing, I’m able to find my voice and my self-worth. I love helping people with their resumes because I’ve been there — I’ve struggled seeing the best in myself. Now I’m just trying to pay my writing passion forward.”
To someone not interested in career development: “There’s still a lot of stigma around mental health and professionalism. I’ve had one or two people ask me why I’m so upfront about my depression in terms of my writing. The thing is, I can’t do my best resume writing - for myself and for others - without understanding their stories and where they are coming from. It’s all connected.”

To someone interested in career development: “A resume is just another tool to get you to where you want to go. But I think it’s also part of your greater story of what values you embody and what you can bring to the table. Before even starting your resume, try reflecting on that: think about how far you’ve come, what you’ve accomplished. That has always helped help craft resumes that highlight me, not the other way around.”

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