Kaitlin Sweyer: Disney

Disney fanatics! This #PassionPreview from Kaitlin Sweyer is for you: “Disney and working for Disney - Sometime in high school I found out about the Disney College Program and that it was a thing I could do once I enrolled in a university. For some reason it became a goal of mine to do the DCP* and I stuck to that goal until junior year and I finally got my chance!”


Why Disney: “I love happiness and the idea of making others happy. Disney is a place dedicated to bringing happiness and magic to people. It is a place where people come together for family reunions, first vacations, and engagements. I have always loved the way it makes people feel. Disney is a universal term for magic.”

To someone not interested in Disney: “The thing about Disney is that it encourages people to follow dreams and aspirations no matter what others think. I think if I encountered someone who didn’t like my passion I would remind them of that. Let people love what they love and there’s really nothing wrong with a little Disney magic.”

To someone interested in Disney: “Please reach out to me!! Also look into the Disney College Program. It is an amazing experience for anyone who loves Disney and more specifically Disney World/Parks. But also reach out to me :)”

Passion Emoji: 👸