Justin Bastarache: Emerging Brands

Today’s #PassionPreview starts with the startups. Justin Bastarache, founder of D&M Brands, loves to support the up-and-coming, particularly with clothing brands: “My passion is discovering and supporting emerging clothing brands. Like probably many other guys, I'm not a fan of shopping. Strictly when necessary, I would scout the internet for affordable clothing and often fell upon fashion gems. I enjoy so much that I started a business around it, called D&M Brands.”


Why emerging brands? “I’m able to turn a pain, shopping, into something that I actually enjoy, all while encouraging clothing startups. I'm available to express myself with what I am wearing, without going broke in the process.”

To someone not interested in emerging brands: “You haven't discovered the right brand for yourself yet.”

To someone interested in emerging brands: “Instagram is perfect to find emerging brands, because it's their go-to marketing tool.”

Passion Emoji: 😎