Julie Davi: Ice Skating

For Julie Davi, her passion for the ice surprised her one day and never left her life: “Figure skating. I put my kids into lessons when they were very young and I bought some crappy skates to get on the ice with them during the "family time" after group lessons. I knew how to stay upright on skates from childhood, but when one of the coaches showed me how to do a simple maneuver one night--and I did it so easily--it was like the sky opened up and a light shone down on me and told me I had to do this for the rest of my life. A week later, I was in group lessons myself, and two months after that, I hired a private coach. A year later I did my first competition. I haven't stopped for 12 years now, and I've even become a skating judge.“


Why figure skating? “It's an activity you can do for life. It's continually challenging and there are many ways to be involved--you can do it recreationally, compete, just test (US Figure Skating has a testing structure to build skills and allow skaters to move up in levels), join a team for synchronized skating or theater on ice, do ice dance, etc.”

For someone that doesn’t like figure skating: “I’ve never met anyone who doesn't at least have some appreciation for flying across a slippery surface with grace and control!”

To someone that is interested in figure skating: “Start with group lessons and really learn the basics. Skating is a skill you can't rush. And get ready to have FUN!”

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