Joyce Choi: Representation

Finding people in the media that are similar to you can be tricky for many people, so that is why representation is essential. Read Joyce Choi’s #PassionPreview and learn more: “Representation - Since I was little, I never knew how to answer when people asked who I would want to play me in a movie. As I got older and started to dive deeper into the film world, I realized that the lack of representation and inclusion in entertainment was something that I wanted to change. When I saw characters I could identify with in a movie for the first time this summer, it brought me to tears -- it was so powerful and I had never realized until that moment how much I had been missing it.”


Why representation? “I’ve witnessed and experienced the power of representation and inclusion in Hollywood. Seeing your culture, heritage, sexuality, gender and language represented on the big screen has more of an impact than a lot of people realize. My career goals are built around increasing inclusion -- seeing stories you know and understand so deeply being shared with the world and watching the world celebrate that is powerful and beautiful and inspiring.”

To someone not interested in representation: “Not everyone knows what it feels like to be underrepresented, but everybody has felt out of place before. There's a quote that explains inclusion and representation really well -- it talks about how diversity is being invited to the party, but inclusion is being asked to dance. Ask people to dance.”

To someone interested in representation: “Engage in conversations with people different than you. Celebrate those differences and understand when it is and isn't your place to speak up. Let other voices be heard.”

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