Jenna Barone: Tap Dance

A lot of us love to double tap photos, but how about tapping your feet? Jenna Barone loves both as a talented tap dancer and communications student!  Read her #PassionPreview: “Tap dancing! I took dance classes as a kid, but when I hit my growth spurt, my body moved better on a basketball court than dancing gracefully on a stage. I quit ballet. I quit jazz. And tap was the last man standing. But really, it wasn't until I had quit everything else that I realized how much I loved tap dancing.”


Why tap dancing? “Tap is like playing an instrument with your feet. It combines rhythm, athleticism, and creativity. There is nothing better than hard metal hitting solid wood. The dance floor enables growth, struggle, creation of anything and everything. With a dance, I am able to find myself. There's something about the on-top-of-the-world feeling you get when you master a combination you've been struggling with. And after all the hard work, you can just dance and enjoy it.”

To someone not interested in tap dancing: “I know what you're thinking, and I'm not a fan of broadway style tap either. Hopping across the stage sporting a cheesy smile and carrying a cane isn't (in my opinion) what makes tap beautiful. Rhythmic tap, another style of tap, is where it's at. Google Savion Glover, one of the best contemporary tap dancers out there, and tell me the man doesn't dance like a boss. Tap is truly a unique form of dance, and it's FUN.”

To someone interested in tap dancing: “Many studios offer beginner tap classes, and sometimes universities allow non-dance majors to take classes. Additionally, watch tap videos to get excited! Search for Savion Glover, Michelle Dorrance, Peg Leg Bates, Gregory Hines, etc. Usually, convincing yourself to try something new is the hardest part. Just go for it!”

Passion Emoji: 👯