Jay Faires: Music

Mic Check: Jay Faires quite literally performs his #PassionPreview every day: “I’m passionate about Guitar/Music/Turning a Passion into a Career! At age 7 I began to take guitar lessons. I've played for 15 years and now work at a guitar store, play 110 shows a year, repair/maintain/modify/build guitars, record clients at my home studio, and teach guitar lessons as my job(s - there are many!)”


Why music? “I get slammed with adrenaline when performing for an audience that is digging a show. Everything I do professionally is an extension of that job. Putting your all into providing a service to a room full of people and getting the same love back from the audience is the most rewarding feeling.”

To someone not into music: “It's best to not engage. Music can be very subjective, so as a creator, it's important to accept the fact that sometimes folks aren't going to vibe with what you put out there. That's okay. You can still enjoy what you make; stay confident, but never be arrogant about it. Take criticism from strangers with a grain of salt.”

To someone that wants to get involved in music: “Make musician friends. We're a weird bunch but we're the tightest friend circle on the planet. Join a facebook group for an instrument/music genre that gets you excited - learn about equipment, and say yes to every opportunity until you're good enough to say no to the ones you don't want to do.”

Passion emoji: 🎇🧠