Jake Donahue: Animal Rescue

What passion includes whiskers, a tail, and the internet? Just ask Jake Donahue and read his #PassionPreview: “My passion is animal rescue and website building. I recently combined these passions to create a website for a local non-profit animal rescue. I started when the organization appeared on my Instagram and I decided I could donate my time to help them out. Today, I spend time as a volunteer coordinator for the organization while building the website and updating it. Check the website out at: puppykittynyc.org”


Why animal rescue? “I am passionate about it because it is all about creating a space where we can help more animals. By giving an organization with no physical space a website, I am able to allow more animals to be saved. In addition, being a volunteer coordinator, I am able to help keep the rescue running.”

To someone not interested in animal rescue: “I’d like you to walk a day in my shoes.”

To someone interested in animal rescue: “Just do it! If you want to volunteer with a non-profit, you need to just reach out and make it happen. If you're in NYC and want some at home opportunities with an animal rescue, let me know!”

Passion Emoji: 😸