Jaime Patterson: Photography + Body Positive Activism

Some people take pictures with a purpose. For Jaime Patterson, that purpose is body positivity. Read her #PassionPreview: “I’m passionate about photography and body positive activism. I got into photography as a way to express my creativity and a few years ago I started really wanting to meld my desire for more body diversity within photography and also to celebrate all types of bodies into my work. I write and talk about issues surrounding body positivity and how to diversify our portfolios to include all types of bodies and people in our work.”

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Why photography and body positivity? “I am passionate about this because growing up I did not see many bodies that look like mine or my friends in the movies I watched or the magazines I read. The few images that I did see helped me have a more positive outlook on who I was and so I want to contribute and help others see themselves in a more positive light.”

To someone not interested in photography and/or body positivity: “To them I would simply ask why. What is the harm in changing the images we see or people we celebrate. At the end of the day we are all special and precious and deserve to have imagery that reflects that.”

To someone interested in photography and/or body positivity: “If you are interested in getting into photography in general I would spend some time working on honing your craft. Take time to learn your gear and how to take photos that speak to your passions. If you desire to see things through a body positive viewpoint spend time photographing all different body types. Start with the people in your life and spend time with them learning how to pose and photograph them well. Then spend time reading and learning what it means to be body positive. Take that knowledge and apply it to all areas in your life.”

Passion Emoji: 💃 to me that describes the joy i feel doing the work i love