Jaclyn Kanter: Museums

Life’s all about learning as you go and there are many places you can go to do just that. Jaclyn Kanter likes to go to all sorts of museums! Read her #PassionPreview: “My passion started with traveling exhibits that came to our local museum in Nashville. My favorites from my childhood included exhibits on topics such as Ancient Egypt and French Impressionism. Since starting research on the ways that museums tell stories, I’ve been going to as many museums as possible!”


Why museums? “Each museum is unique, and I think that’s so special— a museum can be featuring similar objects, telling the same story, but the architecture and set-up always differs to give visitors a new experience each time. I also adore how easily you can get lost in the history, art, and so on.”

To someone not interested in museums: “Museums aren’t for everybody, but don’t let that sway you forever. Everybody has their niche interest, and there’s a high possibility that there’s an exhibit for that!”

To someone interested in museums: Go to as many museums as you can, and pay attention to the ways that the exhibits, architecture, lighting, and so on work together to tell a story!”

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