Hannah Defranzo: Dance

Let’s dance the night away with Hannah Defranzo! Read her #PassionPreview: “I went the usual path and started dancing when I was about four years old. At that age it was my mom’s choice, not mine, but I stuck to it and eventually fell in love with it. It didn’t become a true passion until I was much older, maybe around 15, I would say. I had some injuries where I had to sit out and observe a lot, and it made me realize how much I was taking it for granted. I never looked at dance the same again.”

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Why dance? “Nothing can make me feel the way dance makes me feel. Being able to express every emotion - whether or not you yourself even understand what it is - …there’s something to be said about that. And there’s so much variety behind it. Anything can be an influence or inspiration.”

To someone not interested in dance: “I get it. Dance is difficult to understand. And without confidence in your body, it’s difficult to do. What’s so sad about it is that people just aren’t educated on it, and since they don’t understand it, they label it as a dislike. I would first of all ask them why they don’t like it. All art is subjective, but if you can’t articulate your dislike, then it’s probably because it’s actually a lack of understanding.”

To someone interested in dance: “Do it! All you have to do is get out there and try. You don’t have to be good now, you don’t have to be good later either. All that matters is whether or not it brings you joy.”

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