Haley Longbottom: Food + Selfcare

Happy Thanksgiving! After you enjoy your holiday, read today’s #PassionPreview from Haley Longbottom, the creator of Tiny Crumbs, all about food + selfcare: “Over the past couple years, I have become incredible passionate about health and wellness, especially regarding what people are putting into their bodies every day. Earlier this year, I did Whole30 to help find out what made my digestion so unhappy. I'm a huge foodie, so it was important to me that I was feeding my body with nutrients that supplemented my health, balancing that with a variety of homemade goodies and staying active for that endorphin release!”


Why food + selfcare? “I find self-awareness within the health and wellness sector so important these days, especially as we dive deeper into this tough climate of mental health and wellbeing. I absolutely love cooking, baking and curating my food blog, so finding the balance in providing recipes both for feel-good foods and sweet treats is what I have been wanting to focus on lately! Food has always brought my family together, so I want to share that passion in accordance with overall wellbeing.”

To someone that isn’t interested in food + selfcare: “Just being aware of your own health is essential, but it doesn't have to be something that you live and breathe every second of every day. Find the balance in your life to make your own wellbeing the best it can be, whether that means going for a brisk walk around the neighborhood, cooking more, or having one glass of wine a night. Everyone is different, so find something that works out for you and makes you happy and feed good about yourself.”

To someone that is interested in food + selfcare: “It's as simple as making small tweaks in your day. Instead of sitting at your desk all day, maybe you invest in a standing desk. Try out a new exercise class or a cooking class, start following some inspirational mentor-like figures, talk about it with your immediate community....there's so many ways to invest in your health, but it's up to you to decide what that's going to be.”

Passion Emoji: 🥳