Haley Grace Cottingham: Computer Science Education

Passionate about programming, Haley Grace Cottingham sees the increasing need to teach younger generations how to effectively use technology. Read her #PassionPreview: “I’m passionate about promoting computer science education in elementary and middle schools! I realized how much I cared about CS ed when I would ask the child I nannied throughout college what she’d done that day in her CS elective and learned it was really just a typing class. She deserves better than that!”


Why promoting computer science education? “Kids are so smart! And they have this great quirk that if you never tell them something is hard they won’t be afraid of it. If we normalize technology, more kids will grow up with the skills necessary to see it as a legitimate career path.”

To someone not interested in promoting computer science: “I know technology can be intimidating, but the applications of it are truly endless! How cool that we can raise a more digitally fluent generation who will be equipped to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.”

To someone interested in promoting computer science education: “Check out Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code or Hour of Code! CS First by Google is also always looking for help with volunteer based after school programs. And with the holiday season approaching, think about coding-related toys for nieces, nephews, cousins and any other children on your gift list! I love the Ozobot!”

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