Gabi Beamon: Dance

Another day, another dancer! We learned about dance yesterday, but I wanted to share a BIRTHDAY GIRL’s profile: Gabi Beamon... happy birthday! Read her #PassionPreview: “Dance; My mom enrolled me in a dance summer camp when I was 8. I stopped for a few years because my mom couldn't afford classes, but I began again when I was 12 and I fell in love.”


Why dance? “Dance has been so freeing for me. I always had a rigorous course load in high school. Dance was a creative way to say what I wanted to say. It challenged me in different ways than an academic class would. In college, my passion grew even further. Especially in modern dance, there is no limit to the types of movement I can have. There is no limit to what I can say. There is no limit to who I can be. When I dance, I can express any feeling. It's a cathartic way to express my emotions and frustrations.”

To someone not interested in dance: “Dance is something that every culture has in common. There are dances for everyone occasion and rite of passage. It is movement to be used for political protest, entertainment and as a form of art. Dance has helped people communicate in a way that may be impossible through words. Dance has helped propel cultures all over the world.”

To someone interested in dance: “Turn on some music and move. No matter what type it is; it could even be silence. Just move in anyway you feel. Jump. Turn. Roll. Reach. It doesn't matter. Anything goes as long as it makes you feel good. If you need more direction, sign up for a class. A class could inspire you or kickstart a passion or hobby you never thought you had.”

Passion Emoji:💥