Fletcher Rowe: Social Media

The first #PassionPreview comes from @feistyfletch, curator of Passion Preview: “For the last 6 years, social media has been my passion! I started looking to the internet because I wasn't feeling accepted by the people surrounding me IRL. With social media, I was able to learn more about LGBT culture, find new passions, and make friends from around the world!”


Why social media? “There is so much potential with social media! Social media keeps us digitally connected in a world that sometimes feels like it's falling apart. Movements like #MeToo prove that digital spaces can cause major change. Also, social media is so fun -- you can create whatever you want!”

To someone that doesn’t like social media: “I get it. With all of the different data issues and recent news, I understand why you wouldn't enjoy it. But just remember, social media is what you make of it! You can follow and create community in whatever way you want.”

To someone interested in social media: “What are you waiting for?? Get started! Figure out a username you can use across social channels and start making content. Find others that have the same interests as you, follow them, and share each other's content! Have fun, be careful, and ignore the haters!”

Passion Emoji: 👨‍💻