Erick Von Edwing: Self-Love

Today’s #PassionPreview is all about love… for yourself! Erick Von Edwing shares his journey of learning to practice self love: “This sounds silly, but I haven't practiced self-love until recently. I'm gay, Guatemalan and adopted.. it was hard to not feel like I had to put on a 'facade' to fit in. I always struggled with accepting who I was, having a fear of not being endeared by others or entering romantic relationships where I disregarded red flags of eventual hurt. It wasn't until my early 20's where I've turned the ship to see my true potential and become passionate about self-love. I think that a lot of people my age struggle with the idea, particularly in the age of instagram or F.O.M.O (fear of missing out), and self-love has become a personal passion point of mine to work towards to.“


Why self-love? “One personal point for me that prompted me to practice self-love was when my mom was diagnosed a few years ago with Stage 4 breast cancer, an incurable, terminal disease. I needed to understand that a healthy, happy life is possible even during the darkest of times.”

To someone not interested in self love: “I don't know if anyone would particularly dislike my passion but I would understand if someone is having trouble relating. I think this day in age it's difficult to get over certain obstacles that would help you "self-love" yourself and the idea of it changes from person to person.”

To someone interested in self love: “It's a lot easier than you'd think! I think for me, my self-love comes from understanding what makes healthy friendships, relationships, setting realistic goals for myself in my job, my happiness and my growth. It comes from not comparing yourself to what other's are doing (or posting on the gram!).”

For others, self-love might include: 
1. Positive affirmations
2. Build your 'precious community' 
3. Create a 'what's working in my life' list and a 'needs improvement or letting go' 
4. Find a job that will make you fulfilled
5. Stop the comparisons

Passion Emoji: 💫