Emma Flaherty: Perfumes

Do you smell that? That’s Emma Flaherty’s #PassionPreview: “My passion is perfume, which I got into totally by chance. My sister and I ended up in a boutique in Charleston while on vacation where we sampled some perfumes on a whim. I left the shop totally in love with perfume and it became a full-blown passion after that.”


Why perfume? “Perfume is a chance to reinvent yourself every single day. I get to decide what I want to project the world that day by the scent that I choose to wear -- whether it's something floral and sweet or dark and witchy.”

To someone not interested in perfumes: “That's totally okay! There are lots of other ways to express yourself besides perfume. As long as you have something in your life that feels like a little gift you give yourself, that's what matters.”

To someone interested in perfumes:
“Find a place where you can smell a bunch of different perfumes in person (like Sephora, a department store, etc.) and just try things, paying attention to what sorts of smells you find yourself gravitating to. All that matters is finding something that makes you feel amazing.”

Passion Preview: 💃🏻